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Gain the survival skills it takes to be self-sufficient on the trail.  This exciting 13-week online program led by a seasoned backpacker ends with a 4-day backpacking experience that you have planned!  You will discuss and learn:

  • Gear Selection and Use

  • Meal and Snack Planning

  • Physical Training

  • Map and Compass Reading

  • Trip Planning

After successfully completing this program, you will plan and take a 4-day wilderness trip either on the Superior Hiking Trail or Appalachian Trail (whichever is closest for you).

Put all that you have learned & trained for over the past few months into practice with your instructor there to help you and answer any questions you have.

Learn how to prepare yourself for an adventure

Introduction to Backpacking

13 Online Weekly Classes + 4-day Expedition + Private Facebook Group support + Instructor with 20+ years of Backpacking Expert Experience = Your Life Changing Adventure!


The adventure begins with your first online class.

Date:  Our next class will begin on May 3rd. Contact us for future class schedules.

Time: 6:30 pm CST

Deposit is only $500! RESERVE your spot TODAY.

Total cost for this life changing adventure is $1999/hiker*

Class is limited to 10 students to give you the attention and guidance you deserve.

Please contact us for further details.

*transportation is not included.


Refer a Friend and get a 10 % discount for you and them. Please contact us for further details.

Learn More about your Instructor: Karen's life changing solo backpacking trip.