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Dan's Amazing Journey 2017 (April 5)

By Karen L Amundson, May 21 2017 09:12PM

April 5

Day 19 (19.0 miles, 6,000 vertical feet)

The weather was much better than yesterday, & you can see the mountains I started climbing today unlike yesterday.

Not too far onto the hike today I crossed the actual Fontana Dam (pic 2). This was the entry into Smokey Mountain National Park. From the Dam, it was all uphill. Fortunately, most of the grade was not too steep, & the temp topped out in the low 60's, which was perfect.

A lot of the day has a beautiful carpet of white wild flowers in the forest (pic 3).

The weather was so nice, that I just kept hiking, & ended up putting in a monster day! The weather forecast for the next 3 days is for dropping temps with rain turning into snow. Sounds like fun, huh?

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