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By Karen L Amundson, May 21 2017 08:24PM

March 30

Day 14 (13.4 miles & 2,500 verticals feet)

Today marks the two-week mark on my journey, which officially makes it my longest duration hike ever!

I saw the first wild flowers on the trail today. A bonus point for anyone that can identify it (I have no idea) before my mom.

I ran into some more trail magic today. A gentleman had some Gatorade & oranges. I will start doing a better job of documenting this phenomenon, as it really means a lot to us thru hikers.

The next pic is from the top of the Weser Bald Observation Platform.

The last pic is of two veterans Matt with his service dog Freedom, & Joe. They are two of the ten hikers being sponsored by Warrior Expeditions. After WW II a veteran named Earl Shaffer decided to walk off the effects of the war, & became the first person to hike the entire AT. Warrior Expeditions gives the veteran, many whom suffer from PTSD, an opportunity to commune with nature as a method of helping them to re-integrate with society. I have met 6 of the 10 sponsored hikers, & personally thanked each one for their service for our country. They are all outstanding people, & my heart breaks for the terrible things they have experienced in the service of our country.

Its backpacker midnight, so I am off to sleep awaiting more storms tonight.

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